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Friday, June 12, 2020


From the time Claire started talking, she started singing.

The first memory of Claire singing is in June 2014, when Claire was about a year and a half old. Dave had sang the same lullaby to Claire every night since the day she was born. On this night in 2014, Claire sang back the lullaby knowing every word and hitting every pitch, leaving Dave a bit stunned.

Claire's love of singing just grew from there, mostly fueled by her favorite Disney shows. She started becoming obsessed with The Little Mermaid around her 3rd birthday, especially the song "Part of Your World."

One day while Dave and Claire were getting an oil change, Claire broke into song in the waiting room. People were laughing and pulling out their cell phones to record the impromptu performance. This ultimately drove Dave to make the decision that it was time to start recording some of these songs in the little make-shift recording studio in their apartment.

The very first video was the song from The Little Mermaid, which went on to get over 100 million views.

From that point on its been a whirlwind of videos and performances. Claire has since gone on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey, The Ellen Degeneres Show 6 times, sang with real Disney princesses, and massed nearly a billion video views online.

Claire is now 7 years old and still making music with her Dad and traveling with her family.

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